Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crazy? Maybe.

I've been very busy today- As soon as my lovely husband left for work, I headed out to JoAnn's by myself for the first time since we moved here 18 days ago! I had a set list, and I am pleased to say I stuck to it, but I also enjoyed a good hour in that store getting to know this particular one. It has the biggest selection of calicos and quilting cottons!!!! I just wanted to walk up and down the aisles... there's also a huge selection of Kona cotton, including several colors I could never find back up north, like chartreuse, and pretty greys, a delicate pinks... I'm very happy that this store is close enough, but not too close!

Once I got home, I finished framing all of Benny's shirts, so now they just need to be put together. I got fleece for the backing of his quilt- he's very tactile-selective, and by that I mean extremely picky about how things feel. I'm sure everyone knows that one person who cuts out itchy tags, or wouldn't wear jeans growing up because they were scratchy, or even won't eat any food with lumps (It either needs to be whole, or pureed). Well, that's my big brother. So I opted to try a new technique of not using batting at all and backing the quilt with fleece. In my head, this will work out perfectly and the quilt will also end up being warm but not too warm. We'll see what actually happens!

Tim made me open a present early since I gave him his quilt early- actually two. A pair of Gingher pinking shears, and the Straight No Chaser CD-- both of which I am so excited to have!!!

 I made these, and then used the new shears with glee.... Tim actually asked why I was giggling as I sat near the tree and trimmed them, and then hung them up. I have now made six new ornaments this year-- a selvedge stocking, a scrappy heart, a ribbon candy,  the house ornament, and these two trees. There will probably be more. :)

As for being crazy, after I got home today, I washed all of the towels, our sheets, and a load of clothes... then I washed the dogs (which then meant I had to shower.... you know how that goes!), and the crockpot, and swiffered the floors, and unpacked one of the lingering boxes, and remade our bed, and just now ate the last slice of Dutch apple pie. I MAKE A DANG GOOD PIE! I could have eaten the whole thing by myself, but thankfully Tim helped, and shared some with a coworker.

Look how proud this little monster is. Prudence the wonder dog, no longer the smelly dog!

Another reason I might be crazy- I agreed to make another present for Tim for Christmas! He wants an oversized lunch box. Silly me, I said OK. So, once I finish Ben's quilt and bind Val's quilt, I'll make Tim a lunch box.

If this post feels all over the place tonight, I apologize- things are hectic! I'm kicking myself a little for not being done with those last two quilts. This is the latest I've gone in years when it comes to being done with Christmas. Usually, I'm done by Thanksgiving so all I have to make during December is fudge!

Good night, everyone. 7 days until Christmas, 5 days until I need to have those two quilts done, and about half an hour before I fall asleep in front of the tv.

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  1. I just came over from Madame Samm's and loved reading your post. You make me tired just reading all you did! Maybe I need to get ADHD so I'll get something done. :) Cute, cute dog! And loved the trees - I'd love to say I'm going to make some but it's probably not going to happen. Our kids will be here tomorrow for our Christmas together - so no time! blessings, marlene


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