Friday, December 17, 2010

Sew easy

To get distracted, that is!
 If I don't finish Benny's quilt by Christmas, it's Bonnie Hunter's fault! Every time I tell myself I'll put together another part of his quilt, I see the string blocks sitting next to my machine and think I'll just sew a few strings on to get me started... and then all of a sudden I have five more finished blocks and it's dinner time! Today had the added temptation to make some of the HST's, too. I really need to stop working on the mystery quilt and finish Benny's present.
And tonight, I also procrastinated the T- Shirt quilt some more by making this candy bowl. I love it-- I made my version of the fabric boxes from a tutorial over at Stash Manicure (you can find that lovely blog on the sidebar). This box matches the coasters I made-- not because I'm a matchy-matchy person, but rather because I had almost enough pieces precut from making the coasters to make the box.

 As far as finished presents go, Tim has been cold at night, so I gave him his quilt already- he was really excited (more than I expected) and immediately brought it back to our bedroom and laid it on his side of the bed, all the while saying, "This is awesome!" He loves the fact that the bargello is designed after his Busse knife handles, and he laughed when I told him those were Contrary Wife blocks I put along the edge as a joke. He slept happily under it last night, and again today during his pre-work nap.
The other excitement from yesterday can be seen at the base of this tree: do you see it? The black lump at the base of the tree... It's a pileated woodpecker!!! I wanted to get a better picture, but by the time I got our regular camera, it flew away. I was so excited, though, since I've only every heard about these birds before. I love how we actually have wildlife surrounding our house!

I should get back to working on that darn t-shirt quilt... in a minute. Time for some pie first!


  1. I love, love, love, this story about Tim and the wonderful is that!!! And the Contrary Wife blocks and a knife handle pattern...oh my. You've got a quilting murder mystery all ready to go. Good thing you love each other so much ;)

  2. I can see how excited Tim was to receive that quilt from you. It is a stunning quilt!


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