Monday, December 6, 2010

Should have, could have been a snow day

If I hadn't left early enough to get here, I would have still been home when my professor sent out the email saying class tonight was optional due to the weather. GRRR!!! But, since I didn't get that email until about a half hour after it was sent and I had already driven an hour and a half to get here, it has become a "might as well stay" day.  The benefit? INTERNET ACCESS!!!!

We should have it at home by Wednesday. I really don't mind not having internet at home right now-- I've gotten a lot of unpacking done. :) So much my mom was surprised when she drove down to help yesterday, then got to our house and realized we didn't need it! It was still nice having her and my aunt come down though- they got "the tour," and having Mum drive me to Kokomo for a Target run was easier than dealing with the off/on/off/on I have to do with the boot.

Last night, I finally felt like I had unpacked enough to sew a little. I made a cafe curtain for our mater bathroom, then made some more progress on my MIL's Christmas present. It just needs two more side pieces, then quilting and binding. Then, I only have 2 more big presents to finish. Then the question becomes, what to work on? I am searching for more ideas for decorating and organizing. I know I want to make a cover for our spice rack, but after that, I'll be at a loss! I have a bunch of UFOs I could finish, but let's be real... after i finish Ben's T Shirt quilt, I'll have earned something completely FUN.

Wednesday I hope to have photos of the house, and my few Christmas decorations for this year. I still love the tree skirt I made last year... but it's now hiding under presents!!!

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  1. Boy, you look like a busy lady. Can't wait to see the pics of your home! Rest a bit too!


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