Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everything happens for a reason!

The latest adventure: Tim woke me up Monday night when he got home with the announcement of "The Porsche is in a ditch." Thankfully, as he had walked past (poor guy) our mailbox, the paper work had come so we could get the family discount (thanks, Benny) on a new Toyota truck. So Tuesday morning, Tim got a brand new Tacoma! Yay! I went to bed after finishing his quilt at midnight (So tired I forgot to take a picture before wrapping it!) and then was woken up again by an angry husband: "Do you know where the Porsche is? Because it's not in the ditch where I left it." Oh crap.

Thankfully, it wasn't stolen- it had been towed. We found out it would cost about $100 to get it back, which is no small sum, but better than it being stolen. Here's the kicker: The guy who towed the Porsche might buy it! So, right now we're hoping and praying he calls back soon and says he definitely wants it. That would be awesome!

This all goes to show that everything happens for a reason. Tim is slowly coming around to my family's motto... this just pushed him a little further that way!

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