Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whoohoo! Almost there!

 My hands have been so cold I had to put these arm warmers on over my sweatshirt... but, it did help speed up productivity while finishing this:
 Ta-da! Benny's quilt is a flimsy! Since this photo, I laid it down over the fleece and it's ready to be basted. WHOOHOO! I'm so glad I got it that far today with time to spare (so I can watch the Survivor finale... guilty pleasure!). Perhaps that's because I got up when it looked like this:
Isn't that a pretty sunrise? I love our new house... I have seen a version of this through the kitchen every morning since we got here.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a quilting frenzy: finishing the quilting of my MIL's, and then quilting Ben's. I CAN DO IT, YES I CAN!

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