Friday, December 10, 2010

What a week.

I am still exhausted from moving! And that was 9 days ago...

We finally got internet here yesterday. It should have been ready Wednesday night, but they didn't put the work order through, so after an hour of fiddling, Tim called, found that out, and got it scheduled for Thursday morning... and then the guy came, it started working, but only through the ethernet cable (not our wireless router). Thank goodness Tim was persistent (stubborn?) and is smart enough that he figured out how to get it all up and running! It makes up for what he did later... he asked me to make caramel sauce. From scratch. I've never done this before, but being agreeable at the moment, I said I'd try. So, I looked up a couple recipes, found one I had all the ingredients for, and started making it. 45 minutes into the hour it took to make it, he asked me WHAT I WAS MAKING. GRRRRR!!!!!!!! And men wonder why we feel unappreciated sometimes... the caramel sauce turned out ok, though. I'm proud of myself for not holding a grudge the last 15 minutes it took to cook it-- I heated some cider for him, too, to put the caramel sauce in.

Does anyone know of a caramel sauce recipe that doesn't get rock hard by morning? I was hoping this one wouldn't do that, but it did. I want a true sauce, one that will stay delightfully gooey.

Now, back to sewing...

Tim keeps swiping my fleece blanket, so I made him one... nice and manly, isn't it? Ok, technically not sewing... but a fabric craft nonetheless!
 Last Thursday, I decorated our tree. I made that tree skirt last year. It looks better in daylight, but the tree looks better at night.
I also made the cafe curtain for our master bathroom... doesn't it look nice? I love it. So simply, but so pleasant.
And now for pictures of my sewing room... CAUTION! Still not unpacked or organized!
 That quilt is almost finished...
 I've had to put off unpacking/organizing so that I can finish Christmas presents like the cat quilt, my brother's T-shirt quilt, and Tim's quilt.
 But, as you can see, I have some things put away in the closet, and at least I've made room to function for now.
Isn't that a pretty wood floor behind my cute new wallhanging? It's one of the things we loved when we first saw this house.
I made this wall hanging-- the pattern is from the December issue of Quick Quilts. It will be hung somewhere as soon as Tim can cut my dowel rod down to size. I wrote "Let it snow" in glitter paint towards the top, and I kind of like how difficult to see it is... I don't want to encourage a blizzard, just enough snow to be pretty!

I need to get back to work on those presents... but my hands are so cold they hurt. It doesn't matter how warm the room is, my hands and feet are like ice. Maybe I'll sit under a blanket long enough to get them luke warm, then try sewing a little more tonight...

It is so nice to have finally moved! Tanks to everyone who provided moral support and encouragement!

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