Sunday, December 12, 2010

For future reference...

 I am an incredibly slow hand-piecer. At least when it comes to English paper piecing... I had never tried it, but this little hexagon caddy from Penny's Hands called for it, so I decided to try. SEVEN HOURS later, I had finally finished this little bugger! I was determined to finish it all the way yesterday, though. I knew if I stopped in frustration it would become a UFO and probably never get finished because of how slowly I had been stitching! I think part of the slowness was because I was using a teensy whipstitch, another part was named Prudence, and another part named Matt Lauer. Plus the three of us (Well, Prudence and I) were watching movies all day. Dan in Real Life, Uptown Girls, and  The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe were all on tv at various times yesterday. :)
 See? She watches more tv than some people I know!!!
Before I went to bed, I made an ornament I've been dreaming up to symbolize our First Home and first Christmas together (despite being the second Christmas married-- Tim was deployed last year). Isn't it cute? A wonky house ornament!!!

I made these coasters last week. Too cute! I strip pieced them together, then used my Go to cut wonky squares- It helped me to get 4 out of the strip without having to do the math to make sure I wouldn't get just 3.5! And, I must say, it was incredibly quick... I hope I get more dies for Christmas so I can play some more!

Today's agenda:
Get espresso machine? Perhaps!
Then, I MUST work on Benny's T Shirt quilt, or my brother won't get his present this year!!!


  1. I love the hexie caddie and the adorable wonky house ornament.

  2. Hey...way to 'hang' in there on that cute little caddie...I probable would have turned it into a
    UFO....'cause I'm kind of slow too!
    Congrats on you guys new home and I'm sooo glad you got in before Christmas!!! The little house ornament is perfect for the occasion!!
    See ya on the Block Lotto!!

  3. I love the spider in the iron story. I hav a similar one. Only mine is ants. I saw at least 2 ants floating in my iron reservoir. I tried several times to fluch them out with no luck. I finally lived with them and it took a couple of years and they are gone for good. Fixed the studio so I have no more ants in there. The studio was originally an oversize garage workshop.
    Love the ornament, it is darling.


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