Thursday, January 19, 2012


I had half of a stomach bug (by which I mean I felt sick, had a fever, thought I might puke for about 24 hours but thankfully never did). I was so glad to wake up today feeling better!

My quilt for AAQI is ready to be mailed tomorrow- got my number today. Which means I'll have to brave the snow they didn't predict to get to the post office.

I wish I were a meteorologist! They get paid an awful lot for being wrong all the time!!! Seriously, last time they said 3-6" and we had less than one. Today, it was supposed to be less than one and we have nearly 3" already!

Stay tuned for-- GASP!-- a giveaway!!!! On the 22 of this month, I'll be passing along some of my recent good fortune to one lucky winner.

I'm off to go make some more kitchen cotton dishcloths- I've been converted! Plus, I made 2 yesterday that will be gifted next Christmas. how's that for planning ahead?

Enjoy the weekend! Travel safely if you're getting surprise snow, too!

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