Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today would have been my dad's 59th birthday, had he not lost the battle to cancer a little over 2 years ago. It still brings a twinge of pain to think about, but it seems the whole family is beyond the gut-wrenching stage and into the the duller pain, so that's good.

I wanted to do something today to bring me joy. So why not pay forward some of my good fortune to you? As in, a GIVEAWAY? After all, that was something my dad taught me to do: with all the help we received during his battle, he made sure to instill the pay-it-forward gene in my brother and me.

Recently, I received this lovely gift certificate from The Painted Daisy. She's a crafter in Madison, Wisconsin, who has the cutest upcycled skirts, wrist warmers, quilted bags, and more in her shop.

Like this...

And this...

Doesn't that look so cozy?

You can win this $10 gift certificate:

All you have to do (leave ONE comment) is :

1. Visit The Painted Daisy and tell me what item of hers is your favorite (I love the skirts for little girls, even though my only little girl is of the 4-legged variety!).
2. Tell me what you do to feel happy (I exercise/eat to beat the blues. Which means I'm running and baking today).

Make sure I have a way to contact you! A winner will be drawn at random whenever I get up on Monday, which gives you a little over 24 hours. The window is small because I'm going to the post office on Tuesday, and would love to only have to make one trip this week. :)

And, GO!


  1. I sure do love the upcycled sweater skirts!!! My daughter would look so cute! and when I need to feel happy I read! It takes me away from my blues and sends me to another place and I become another person.... I hope I will win!! www dot alannahmae at gmail dot com! yay!!!

  2. I really like the upcycled scarves and the upcycled sweater hoodies are kind of cool. I might have to try one of those for the granddaughters. I think it would look cuter on them than me.