Friday, January 27, 2012

The great thing about chores

... is that some of them allow you to be productive elsewhere at the same time!
I made great progress on my Made In Cherry QAL, after having been stalled on Wednesday from a massive migraine.
I've been sewing while the dishwasher and washing machine and dryer run. I did vacuum, too, but that caused me to stop sewing for a bit.
Today, I got the 6th point pieced, and then, in my excitement, added the solid grey all around three sides.
Isn't it funny how the color changed in these photos from morning to afternoon?

All that's left are two points and their solid pieces (which are already cut).

I'm using the Denise Schmidt prints I picked up last summer along with a few more recent ones that I picked up this January (wish I had known more were coming out the week after I finished piecing the middle of this, though!), along with Kona slate.

A note for anyone else using Kona cotton: I don't know if it's because I prewash or what, but my solid was not the needed 43" wide that the pattern called for (honestly, when I bought it, I didn't check). No big deal, though- I simply cut 20.5" strips, then used a completed point to guide me kind of like a giant Easy Angle ruler (which I used in the main part of the pattern, anyway, rather than having to use those silly 7/8" measurements). I was able to get 4 HST's from each giant strip, and frankly, it made me pretty darn happy to not have bias edges along the outside like the pattern ends up as written!

I really like this quilt. It is simple, yet has a big impact. And the squares are big enough that I don't feel like I"m losing any of those gorgeous prints. The rate I'm sewing, I need to start thinking about what color for binding, backing, and how I'll quilt it!

I'm becoming more of a fan of patterns lately. While I absolutely adore designing my own quilts, sometimes a certain pattern and a chunk of my stash seem to be destined for each other.
Which is why once this one is done, I'll start Swooning. :D

Happy weekend, everyone!

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