Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Word

I've seen One Word posts all over blogland, not just with fabric friends but with runners, readers, and all sorts.

Perhaps, by picking one word, I will have more focus. Perhaps it will shape my year. Perhaps it will help me achieve my goals this year.

Given that I 1) am running my first marathon in September, 2) have a Dear Jane quilt started, 3) am trying to get more of a career than a job this year, I think this is a good word for me:


I will finish what I start. I will follow through. I will not quit.


  1. Good luck for all three goals, Kasey, we'll be here with you! :o)

  2. Cheering for you, Kasey! Sounds like you've set some fantastic goals for this year. Best of luck!


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