Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time for a new table mat.

I have a small table that I use by the couch for my drinks/snacks/remote for the TV. I've been making seasonal table mats for it, and since Christmas is well over, it was time for a new one. 

Simple quilting, which I'm pretty proud of since I just eyeballed it and still managed to make circles!
 I've been wanting to make a dresden plate for a long time, but a whole quilt seemed a bit much. Maybe some other time.
 The cherries played nicely with the hearts, making it Valentine-y enough without making me gag (I'm not the biggest fan of that holiday, though it has been growing on me since I got married). Part of me wishes they contrasted more, but the other part of me likes the way it's subtle, almost like a flower. Perhaps that's why I ended up choosing a yellow center!

And in the interest of saving space when it gets stored, I figured I'd make it multi-holiday:
I made this side super simple so that it wouldn't really matter how I quilted the dresden plate.

I'm pleased with it. It brings a little cheer to my snack table.

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  1. Both sides looks good and good idea to make it useable for two dates. :o)


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