Tuesday, January 31, 2012


About a three weeks ago now, I purchased a paper copy of Swoon from my formerly-almost-local quilt shop. (It used to be a 40 minute drive. Since we moved, it's nearly 2 hours away, so I only ever stop there when I'm on the way to visit my momma). I ordered Swoon along with 2 pincushion patterns, thinking I'd be able to play with some of the fabric from my Christmas shopping spree in no time.....


I'm still waiting. I love that they've kept in touch with me this whole time, so there is no anger here about the waiting. I just wish the darn supplier would get the 1 pattern not in stock shipped to them, so that they can then ship me my whole order, since I really don't want to negate my coupon by paying for shipping twice! It's the only reason I made the order, anyway! Well, I guess not the only reason, but rather the tipping reason to go ahead and get a few things from my wish list. :)

I picked out my fabrics... well, having picked them out at Christmas, I guess I should say I decided to scrap the original plan and designated these my Swoon fabrics. I think I'm going to use this red as my solid.

I've also been working on more super scrappy log cabin blocks.
 They will eventually be our new bedspread. I'm going to try a quilt-as-you-go method, though, since it will be King-sized when finished.
And, these X and + blocks have been multiplying. I need another project like I need a whole in my head. Why do I keep making them? Don't get me wrong- I love these blocks- but I need to FOCUS.

Made in Cherry is ready to be basted and quilted. My backing has been washed, so perhaps I'll get it laid out tonight. That means vacuuming, though. I dislike vacuuming these days, since the dogs mean I pretty much should vacuum every day. It gets old. I already swept once today, but if I want a quilt back to be semi-clean of dog hair, I need to vacuum again.

I guess I'll heat up some dinner and stare at our sweeper. Maybe I'll turn it on and use it. ANd then maybe I'll get MiC basted so I can start quilting. I'm thinking nice, crisp straight lines. Some kind of echoing. Super simple, i.e. easy for me to do. I want to finish this one by the 10th so I can show my momma next time I visit! And my MIL, too! And I might have to stop by the formerly-almost-local quilt shop while I'm there. :D

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