Sunday, January 15, 2012

Very Hungry!

A very hungry wallhanging.
 A friend of my mom contacted me about making a baby quilt and a wallhanging using The Very hungry caterpillar as the theme.

How could I resist? I love Eric Carle's books and artwork! I'm pretty pleased with the way these came out.
 I love the baby quilt. Especially the food fabric (I'm way too happy about having extra bits of the food fabric).
I used the other half of the panel for the back.

I have one more baby quilt to make, but it's not "due" until late summer- however, thinking ahead, I ordered enough of the dots, food fabric, and an extra panel so I can make another very hungry baby quilt! I'll probably change up the color placement, and it will be with different greens/red/yellows, but I love knowing that the design part is done already.

Want to know the BEST part of all?

I used my profits from this quilt and wallhanging to pay for my textbooks so I can start studying to be a personal trainer!!! EEK!

How's that for investing in my future? I can't wait until they arrive on Wednesday!

(The only bad news is that I'm out of spending $ for now... guess that means I'll have to actually use my stash! This could be a good thing!)

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