Monday, August 19, 2013

10 and 3

Whoohoo, finally did a double digit run! 10.12 miles- but it was a little odd: I ran 5.5, then put beef stew in the oven while waiting on the Husbeast, then he joined me and we ran together for about 2.25 until I turned around and he kept going. So I ended up at 10.12 (slightly longer route home- I always add on that extra .12 when I have the energy), and he did 7.75 miles. 

Yesterday, we both felt like an easy run, so we did 3.25 together. I'm not sure that a timed mile in the middle makes it easy, but it was nice to see that even when fatigued from a long run the day before, I can throw down a 7:19 mile (only 12 seconds slower than the one I did after 2 days' rest).

We are teaching this guy that it's ok to hunt for moles. He loves to dig! And I'd rather let the dog dig in one corner of the yard than put down pesticides.

The roof is finally fixed from the tree that fell on it last month. We've been fortunate that there hasn't been much rain since, so the delay was never a problem. Tim got the last of the gutters put up this weekend, so it's DONE!
I spent yesterday evening putting his baby photos in an acid-free scrapbook since his old album was falling apart. I can't lie, he still makes those exact faces!

Happy Monday, everyone! Let's go make this week great!

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