Sunday, August 25, 2013

I felt like I could run a marathon

I live for runs like today. 13.7 miles without a walk break (beyond a 30 second pause to refill water), and at a pace that would have been a half marathon PR this time last year.

Whose legs are these?

I felt like I could have run a whole marathon today. If I hadn't ran out of gu, I probably would have done at least 16, maybe more. And my previous longest-post-op run had been lat week's 10.12.

My husband, beast that he is, ran 8.75 miles on Friday, and then ran the full 13.7 today... If this had been a race, he would have pr'd by 11 minutes!!! And get this (you might hate him a bit here): he just started training for the Air Force half two weeks ago. The man is a machine. Running with is probably half of why today's long run was so spectacular. The other half (I hope) is the return on investment of strength training like a boss again.

Whatever the reason, today's run was awesome. Magical. Exhilarating. Easy. And that's something I never thought I'd say about a half-marathon distance.

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