Saturday, August 31, 2013

The good, the bad, and the "You're lucky I didn't see you, @$$hole!"

Good: Final long run of Air Force Marathon training is in the books. 14.11 miles, felt pretty good most of the time.

Bad: I was shooting for 16, but when I went to my car for water for the last 2 miles...

SOME ASSHAT STOLE OUR COOLER AND ALL THE ICE AND WATER! Seriously? Who steals a $10 cooler, 2 bottles of water, AND THE ONE I"D ALREADY DRANK HALF OF? You dumb F***. You are so lucky I didn't see you, or I'd have nailed some serious negative splits... and your face. I don't know who was angrier, me or my husband.
Come on, people. Who steals? Who steals ANYTHING, let alone WATER? ON BASE?????????

You can be damn sure that the security tapes will be reviewed.... since YOU STOLE FROM A MEMBER OF SECURITY FORCES, YOU MORON!

End of rant. Sorry about the profanity. Kind of. I'm still pissed.

EDITED AT 6:00 pm: The cooler turned up. Funny how that happens AFTER all of Security Forces finds out whose cooler was stolen. Kind of like the phone charger that turned up after the thief found out whose it was. And countless other items. 

DON'T STEAL, PEOPLE. Plain and simple!

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