Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bomblet: a short story (and some other known aliases)

Recently, a friend asked why my twitter handle was @bomblet
(When I use my esty store, it's also under Bomblet, FYI).

Besides discussing how weird it is that we have these online personas, and how I find it a little sad that kids will never know life without the internet, I explained:

Why my husband was deployed, I found a pamphlet on identifying IEDs. Those that are 5" or less in diameter can be called bomblets. Shortly after finding this, and thinking that was such a cute name for an explosive, it came up during a skype call with him, and he said something along the lines of me being small yet explosive.

And so I am a bomblet. Small, yet powerful. Full of contained energy, ready to explode (usually in a good way).

So now you know.

While we're talking nicknames, here are some others he's given me:

Wif. Chubs (to remind me I'm NOT fat). Fluffy Cupcake.

And recently, my running coach gave me a new one:


Add those all together, and it's not a bad description.

For those of you running the Veteran's Marathon, you'll know me by the one who is constantly moving, smiling, ADHD, and seemingly on a constant sugar high, probably wearing something shiny/sparkly. Yep. Bomblet-Chubs-Fluffy Cupcake-Sparkles and Sunshine.

You've been warned.

Anyone else have funny/odd nicknames? What's the story behind them?

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