Friday, August 9, 2013

Veteran's Marathon training: Onward!

I ran 45 miles in July. While not a notable number in itself, it's commendable IMHO since I had previously been off 6 weeks. What matters most is that each week, I can tell I'm getting back to where I was before. Each week, I feel a little stronger from strength training and long runs. Each week, I get a little more hopeful that the AF Marathon might offer a chance for a PR, and the Veteran's Marathon will be my best bet at breaking 5 hours... or better.

(I'm a big dreamer)

Take yesterday. I ran in my new Brooks PureDrift shoes again. Thursdays have been longer runs with the group lately, so we all headed out to do 3-7 miles, based on each person's current fitness and what they can accomplish in under an hour. I ended up with 6.25, and even though I was feeling Wednesday's ass-kicking strength and conditioning class, I wanted to keep going, and going, and going. I had one of those runs where the euphoria washes over and makes you feel impervious to any muscle fatigue and ready to take on a marathon. Even though my shorts were reminding me why I prefer running skirts, I wanted to keep running. It was humid and so difficult to breathe, but I wanted to keep running. I was hungry, but I wanted to keep running.

I've missed that feeling.

So, July ended with 45 miles, 10 strength workouts, and 12 yoga sessions. I feel like I'm finally done rebuilding. August has had 4 amazing runs so far; I hope this trend continues.

I struggle to get in long runs in the second half of training, so I've been looking ahead to that gap between AFM and the VM, and have found a local half marathon that I'll be signing up for. I might do another one near my mom's at the end of October, too. Thankfully, that one never fills up, so I know I can wait until mid-month to make my decision.

Anyone know of any halves here in north central Indiana in August? I'd love to find an affordable (under $50) half yet this month. I'm toying with the Indy women's half, but it's $50. And I hate having to drive to Indy, find parking, and deal with all that is a bigger city. Small town girl here, and I like it that way.

Know of any good deals on Gu/Sportbeans/Clif Shotbloks? It's getting to the point where I need to buy in bulk again.

Ladies: shorts or running skirts? I'm a skirt convert. Let's just say skirts don't gather where they shouldn't.

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  1. I love that feeling of just wanting to keep running and running. I love skirts, especially the ones that have the sticky elastic on them so the shorts do not get eaten by my short eating thighs.

    Good luck finding a half! obviously I am not a good person to ask about halfs in Indiana ;)


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