Friday, August 16, 2013

Random 5 for Friday

1. I finished yesterday's 100 meter sprints strong. Most were around 19 seconds, with one at 17. For these sturdy peasant legs, that's hauling asphalt!

2. When I went to shower afterwards, I found 2 dead bugs- a mosquito and a gnat- ON MY CHEST. Much as I'd love to blame speed, I think they died from sweat. Or stench. Sometimes you're the windshield.

3. This:

Another pattern from the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Love their patterns. This one will be Halloween themed.

4. I'm doing my long run today, Friday, instead of Saturday or Sunday simply because I'm afraid if I wait another day I will lose motivation. I'm shooting for 13.1...

5. ...because there are only 36 days left before the AF marathon, and I need the confidence boost of doing at least a half! And, let's be honest, if I'm serious about the Veteran's Marathon, I need to do a *few* more long runs than I did last winter before Circular Logic.

Anyone racing this weekend? Running long? Resting and enjoying it?

EDIT: My husband and my running "coach" both bailed on my today... long run has now been pushed until tomorrow (because my head is just not in it to do 13 alone). Guess that means I'll be doing strength training tonight after all.

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