Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Miss Prudence, the art critic

See that? She's judging my poor handwriting. Or sniffing the Sharpie fumes. Whatever. Goofball.

I painted those yesterday evening. (A bit early for Christmas ornaments, I know)
Earlier, I made this:
It's part of my pirate costume for Halloween. Needs a thicker ribbon, I think. Hopefully, I can run a fun run this year. I've got some sweet socks to go with it, and will only need a white shirt.
Some people will find it silly to make a costume for a fun run. Not me. After all, 2 years ago I spent 30+ hours making that old west floozie costume for a 5k. An hour for a half-corset is minor compared to that!

Today was a rest day- the first in 7 days! It has been rather nice to relax. I could tell I was getting worn down, so today was much needed.

How is your week going so far?

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