Thursday, August 1, 2013


I went to the mall for hand soap and gu/sport beans. And somehow, ended up with these:
Love. They make my platypus feet happy. I was running errands before meeting with the running group, so of course I had to try them. 

5.85 miles of running happy (was hoping for 6+, but I got that cold tingly skin feeling that's a big warning sign to stop). And, somehow, through new shoe magic or the fact that there was an audience through some of the run thanks to a drill the Marines were doing, I managed to keep every.single.mile under 9:30. That's big after that 6 week hiatus I had. 

I love these shoes. They're the kind that you forget you have one, and yet the pokey rocks didn't bother me, either. Perfect. They felt marvelous on road, gravel, dirt, and track. LOVE.

What can I say- they were under $60!!! And, one of my other pairs is getting close to being pulled out of the rotation. Win-win.

Can you tell I love pumpkin scented soaps in Autumn? This cooler weather makes me feel like it's pumpkin time already!
I made out like a bandit at BBWs, too. All this under $27. Happy feet, clean hands.

I'd call that a successful shopping trip!

The only downer on the day was finding out that not only did I NOT get either job at the gym, they're not even filling them... indefinitely. Oh, well. I guess I'll continue my 2 hr work weeks as an independent contractor, teaching yoga and still pinching myself that I get paid for that. thank goodness I love my current job. BUt, this means my student loans will continue to creep down, and that tree damage might not get fixed as soon as we'd hoped, and the Soda stream will probably have to wait until next year (see where my priorities are? at leas ti put fizzy water after debt and home repair! LOL).

Overall, it's been a great day. Now, if I could just stop shaking... methinks that might have been heatstroke today.

What's the best deal you've gotten lately?

Favorite brand/scent of hand soap? BBW is my go-to, since many other brands (like Dial) give me horrible allergic reactions.


  1. Wow, great deal on the soap and the shoes!

  2. BBW is a pretty neat place. It's always good for at least one holiday gift for my wife.

    And I love the way she smells when she uses the coconut lime lotion.


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