Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 Things Thursday!!!

1. Speed work lately has been surprising- 800s in 3:35 consistently (in 90 degree heat!), and today's 400s were all between 1:30 and 1:35. Are you SURE these are my legs? And lungs? Which leads to...

2. I have a 5k this weekend that I've been looking forward to for weeks- it's a Girls' Night Out 5K, complete with high heel dash (which I'm skipping because the big day is sooooo close), yoga, and then the run. I've never done a ladies-only event, so this should be fun!!!

BUT my coach/friend told me today he expects me to run-- get this-- sub 23:00. ARE YOU SURE? Last night, the Husbeast and I got together with Coach/friend and his wife (who is also running on Saturday- she's such an awesome person; I can't wait!), and after a beer or 2, I might have said I'm gunning for an age group award. Sometimes, given our small local community, I can place. So I said it out loud, and am now afraid I'll be embarrassed if I don't. And them he has to go and tell me that I *should* be able to run that fast.

So now, what started out as a super fun, laid-back 5k I was going to run for shiggles the weekend before the next full hast turned into something that will probably keep me awake all night. Me and my big mouth.

3. Speaking of that full, I can't believe the Air Force Marathon is next weekend!!!! And that makes the Veteran's marathon right around the corner, too. EEEK!!! I'm so excited for the AFM. It should give me a good idea what kind of goals to set for the Vets marathon.

Ever surprise yourself during a training run? I love it when I'm surprised with speed. It still feels surreal that I ran those paces.

Random: do you play Euchre? We played last night, and I still find it funny that it's such a regional thing.


  1. Yes we do play Euchre! But we are on ohio! ;). Good luck with your race! you got this!

  2. Awesome paces!! Isn't it so fun to see that progress? Hope the 5k went well!


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