Monday, September 2, 2013

5 by the 5th: fall edition

Laura is hosting another 5 by the 5th- but this time it's 5 or 10 miles instead of 5k or 5 miles. Today, I ran my first for the series- 5 miles in 75 degree weather with- get this- 100% humidity.

Yeah. So the fact that I finished and only walked to 1) take my soggy shirt off and 2) get up the beast of a hill we live on makes me happy with the effort. 
The mostly shaded running trail helped.
And I smiled and "good morning"-ed everyone I saw.
But I was happiest when it was done.

5 miles in 49:30 in this weather conditions? I'll take it. And to feel so overall amazing after just running 14 on Saturday? Bonus. I didn't think I'd be back to that level of fitness (not being sore after 14 miles) so quickly. Another mark in the "I can finish a marathon again" column.

I spent some quality time with a book and a beverage in the backyard afterwards, and went for a motorcycle ride with the Husbeast afterwards. All in all, a fabulous Labor Day.

I hope yours was just as great!!!

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