Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lazy Sunday

A few things...

1. I finally joined Instagram. Same handle as twitter (bomblet). You can expect craft projects, excessive photos of my dogs, and running stuff... Once I get used to it. I'm not as bad as my mother, but I will admit I'm a slow learner with technology someimes.

2. Yesterday I made the 2 hour drive to visit my mom since my aunt was in town. I made for a great day wandering through the botanical gardens
and then visiting Shipshewana (complete with a stop at Lolly's for fabric, of course!). And I just *had* to bring home some cinnamon rolls from Rise n Roll. YUM. 

3. Today is Lazy Sunday. My legs are still sore from the circuit I did on Friday (note: doubling weights makes post-workout soreness exponentially worse!). My "plan" for today is to shower and put on clean comfy clothes. I have no where that I need to be, and am taking an extra rest day. If it stops raining, I might run. Maybe. We'll see. This is the last of my guilt-free post-marathon days, though. Perhaps that alone means I should enjoy doing nothing!

Admit it: who else will be relaxing today?

Any weekend brags? Races, training runs nailed? Delicious food eaten? 

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