Sunday, September 22, 2013

Air Force marathon 2013

Yesterday, I ran my third marathon. It's funny to think that a year ago I ran my first there. But this time, I feel like I can actually say I RAN.
First, I met Jillian, a fellow Tough Chik!!!! She's super sweet and a marathon maniac!

What started as a wet, nasty morning turned out to be perfect running weather. From the rain stopping mere minutes before we started to the cool temps to the light breeze, the weather was perfect. The course was similar to last year, and I love that, too. Spectators were plentiful enough to keep you going. And I made a race friend who I ended up running with the whole time. How lucky is that to line up next to someone perfectly matched for your goals?

I can't believe I was feeling THIS good at 15.7 miles in! My furthest run since last March was 14.11 miles. And look at that grin! Rebecca, my race friend, went with a run/walk strategy, keeping the walking to water stations and a few short (30 seconds) breaks in the last few miles.

Such a wonderful person. I wish I had gotten her contact info, but post-marathon, I didn't even think about it.

We worked as a team during that marathon. It was her first, so she was grateful for my advice. I was grateful in part to have someone rely on me, which helped me keep pushing. But she also was just the most genuine and encouraging person I've met (besides my Husbeast).

Together, we pushed through all 26.2 miles in 4:51:54!!!

I nearly cried with joy! I thought I was being ambitious, even cocky to even dream of finishing under 5:30 given how little training I had done. So to run that well and feel amazing 95% of the race, well, let's just say I was astounded.

I'm still in disbelief. What an amazing race. Hopefully, I convinced Rebecca to join Team Tough Chik this fall. She truly deserves the moniker.

On top of my great race, my Husbeast got a half marathon PR- 2:03:14!  He's amazing.

Simply put, this weekend was incredible.

4:51:54! Gah! Still amazed!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats to you and the hubby! Awesome job!

  2. That is an awesome time especially for so little training! Great job to you and your new marathon buddy :)


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