Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm still a little shocked.

At mile 2, I asked the guy, "are you sure?" He thought I was questioning distance, but I told him no, I've just never run this fast before.

First place in my age group. Top 10 finish. 23:40-something (official results will be posted later).

Are you SURE????? 

Fan-freaking-tastic day. It was great to begin with- shopping and PSLs with my good friend (who happens to be coach/friend's wife). It would have been fabulous if it ended there. But we both had so much fun, and exceeded all expectations we had for our runs. She had the best run she's had in 3 years, and I got a trophy. 

What a great day. Friendship and fast times. 


EDIT: Official results have been posted:

23:48! WHOOOP WHOOOP!!!!!!!! 9th place out of 135. I am pumped. Lesson learned: summer speed work pays off!


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