Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Storm sirens

The Husbeast stayed up lat last night... And then woke me at 1am because the storm sirens were wailing.

So we woke my mom, and the three of us took all three dogs to the basement, where we watched some of the ugliest radar I've seen in a long time.... Or at least since July 10 last year when that tree fell on our old house!

"Please may I crawl into your lap?" She ended up there.

Thankfully, no damage in our area. Just an hour of sleep lost. I'll take that trade any day.

Do you have a storm plan? YOU SHOULD!!! Keep a small bag with essentials (first aid kit, bottled water, flashlight), and either put it in a designated shelter area in your home (like a basement or a windowless room).

If you were about to seek shelter, what would you grab? The Husbeast grabbed his wine; I grabbed my jewelry box and iPad, and my mother carried her iPad and Kindle to the basement. I guess that shows our priorities! LOL

On a happier note, anyone racing for the 4th? Or today for Canada Day? Neither for me. But that's ok. 

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