Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to be a streaker

Keep your pants on; we're talking about a run streak today.

Runner's World hosted another run streak. I've tried (and failed) to finish their holiday run streak from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. Something always happened- weather, that feeling of being one run away from injury, or I would simply forget to run.

This time, I did it. I ran every day between Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

The past failed streaks and this successful one have taught me a lot. Here are my tips for completing a run streak for the first time:

1. Back off. Make rest days happen by running easy. Really, really easy. I do most average runs in the 8:30 to 9:30 range, depending on distance, but for easy runs during this streak, I slow down to 11:00/mile. Whatever your normal pace is, back waaaaaay off on rest days so you are still giving your body a break even though you are still running.

2. Shoes!!!
Rotate your shoes. If you don't buy into the studies that say rotating shoes is good for one reason or another, then think of it this way: it's more fun to run in different shoes! Wearing the same shirt gets boring. Rotating shoes gives a small bit of novelty to keep things fresh.

And by fresh I mean your feet. Giving shoes a day off helps delay that nasty funk.

I actually rotate between three pairs, but I can't show the third still because they are from a wear test. It keeps me happy to run in a different pair of shoes as the mood strikes.

3. Race! 
But race smart. Know they probably won't be PRs. Sunburst half marathon was the first Saturday of the streak- and I know I was not rested because of this.
(Tired, but this was a fun race)

However, the super sprint triathlon was three weeks in, and I feel like I had adjusted, maybe even benefited by then from streaking. And the same goes for my 5k PR the last weekend of June.

Having three races kept me motivated to keep training... Plus, I knew I would get my run done on those days!

4. Be patient.  My first attempts at streaking ended quickly. One I made it ten days (ended because of nagging shin aches), another ended day 3 (got sick), and the third time, I forgot to run on the second day. 

Be patient, too, with where you are as a runner. If you just started running this morning, streaking is not the best idea. Give yourself time to build up a fitness base to help avoid injuries.

5. It can get addictive! The #RWrunstreak ended on the 4th of July, but I'm still going. I want to make it to Labor Day now, and then I will reevaluate. Who knows, maybe this streak will stick!

Ever do a run streak? Cycling streak? Old-school no clothes streak? I keep my streaking fully clothed. You're welcome.

PS- It's not too late to enter the challenge!

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  1. I did the holiday run streak last year and it was so tough but really empowering! I love these tips though, especially #1! My easy days of running were sooooo slow. I loved streaking but was happy to take my first rest day on January 2nd! Good luck keeping the streak going!


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