Monday, July 14, 2014

Wagons, runs, and rides

Friday, I fell of the no soda wagon. Over three years without a soda, but one fountain green river and I jumped off the wagon into lime-flavored sugary bliss. I was hoping after that long it wouldn't taste as good as I remembered... But it tasted better!!!

Saturday, I ran another 5k. I felt good for the first mile, but halfway through things went downhill. I felt faint, goosebumps crawling from head to toe, and I was lightheaded. The last half mile, I just told myself to get to the finish where someone would catch me if I passed out.

Thankfully, I did not fall. A super sweet volunteer guided me to a bench and brought me water and a banana. I felt a little better after about 15 minutes,and after waiting around nearly an hour (and chowing down on Cheetos!), I felt ok to drive home.

Seems like it was a mild case of heat exhumation and dehydration. Ugh.

24:06- 5th place female overall, and first in my age group. I was on pace for another fast, possible PR, so I was a bit bummed until I saw how well I placed.

And then I spent an hour in the afternoon driving a clown car. That face was whining in my ear the whole time, while the other two panted and turned the car into a sauna.
This is what happens when you have to take three dogs while the house is being shown. Straight up clown car sauna.

Don't forget to log your miles if you're part of the TdF challenge! Tomorrow is a rest day, so get out and ride today!

Weekend recap: did you do anything fun? 

Race? I found another 5k for next weekend- along the parade route for the county fair! Doesn't that sound fun? Though I'm not too thrilled with a 1:30 start... that means it's going to be HOT.

Ever have heat exhaustion?

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  1. Great job with the 5k. I got a pretty good case of heat exhaustion after my first half marathon. It was so hot! I am skipping that half marathon this weekend for that very reason, it's will be HOT again for it this year!


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