Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three things Thursday- hot commodities and cool temps

1. Yesterday I stood in line for 70 minutes for this:
An Italian sausage sandwich. So good. Mind you, it's 3/4 eaten before I could pause to take a photo. A local pizza place makes this, and it is only available for 2 days of the year due to the labor involved. Every year, the line forms during Sausage Days, and people wait anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours... And they always sell out. I bought ten. Yes, ten. I knew I might not be able to wait today, and since two were being delivered to one of the Hisbeast's coworkers, we needed at least that many.

Thank goodness I did, since my whole day was eaten by my mom's eye appointment and minor surgery. Family is worth it.... But missing the second day of sausage days truly tests that!

2. What the heck? It was 45 degrees F when I ran this morning. WHAT THE HECK?

3. How is it I had heat exhaustion on Saturday, but wore long pants and long sleeves three days this week? Oh, yeah. I live in Indiana.

Any crazy weather near you?

Does your town have any foods that people wait 2+ hours? Sausage sandwiches make people crazy. Next week, though, lines will be crazy at the fair for the bunny burgers. I do not eat those, but my Husbeast does.

Smile, tomorrow is Friday!!!

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