Saturday, July 5, 2014


I did a short ride today- just riding to return a red box movie- but I'm grinning like an idiot because I finished with a 25mph sprint in which I PASSED A TRUCK! 

The first stage of the Tour de France finished in dramatic fashion this morning. I won't spoil it in case anyone has it saved to view later, but I will say the whole family was loud in our house.

(Log your miles here for the challenge)

Tomorrow, I plan to ride at least 12 miles. The route is fun because I'll be riding into Michigan and back. It's silly but oh-so-fun to ride across the state line... even though I only live a few miles from it!

How was your holiday?

Long weekends like this: Party all weekend or catch up on sleep? I solidified my old lady status by being in pjs by 5 pm yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. sweet! 25mph is awesome!

    I was in northern IN a few weeks ago and like a mile from MI. I had no real reason to go to MI, but I definitely did. It's the small things in life!


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