Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heat and eats

It was hot today. Hot, hot, hot! I did a short bike ride (20 minutes of intervals) and a short run (15 minutes of fartleks) at 11 am... Because I'm apparently a glutton for punishment. 

Thank goodness I had my Nuun!

And, when I got home, I had some melon:

Have you ever seen a Lemon Drop melon??? I got it at Aldi. It is sooooo good! Lemony-melony deliciousness. It tastes great after a hot workout!

It seems I had a lemony theme today.

How hot did it get where you are? I heard it got to 91 here. It sure felt hot compared to the cool spells we've had.

Melon: yes or no? Watermelon is a yes. Others depend on my mood, and level of hunger- if I get hungry enough, I eat anything and everything!

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