Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The most beautiful planners, and dreams of organization.

{This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Erin Condren. If you purchase a planner through the specified link, though, I will earn a referral credit, and will be eternally grateful because I am broke but lusting after these beauties.}

Last January, I was baffled by some planners I saw on various blogs... sure, they were pretty, but $50? That seemed crazy.

But, now that I have seen some 6 month reviews go live, I think I get it...

and after checking our the website, I now understand why so many are obsessed with their Erin Condren planners.

And I want one. Frankly, it would be a huge improvement over the blank notebook that gets random bits and lists written down that inevitably are lost amongst other bits and lists.

I could tack meal planning, exercise goals for the week (so I don't forget by Wednesday was the plan was!), bill due dates, random things like Sausage days (more about that tomorrow)... ah, dreams of organization!

So I signed up for the mailing list. And the referral program. <-- using that link will help us both get $10 off!

They're so pretty..... Look at this

or this

or this.

Tell me I'm not the only disorganized person who tries every year to be organized, but by March is frustrated with whatever method I've chosen that year. I want to try one of these!

Do you use a planner? If so, what kind?

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