Friday, July 18, 2014

On "failure"

At the beginning of the year, I set several goals. They included a new half marathon PR by May 3, walking on my hands by the end of the year, and running 1000 miles this year.

I even made them public on Fellow Flower's Declare It Day facebook event back in February.

And then life happened. The winter from hell. Moving the day before the best bet at a PR. Shoulder soreness, twisted wrist, bicycle crashes that left my whole arm annoyed.

Meh. No new PR, not even with adding another half at the end of May. 

Instead, I did my first triathlon:
1000 miles on foot is no longer doable. I might reach it when I combine running and biking, though. 

And while I still have a few months left to work on walking on my hands, I'm ok if it doesn't happen.

Because these were arbitrary goals. Random things that would give me something to work towards during this year of chaos.

They do not define me.

This year is all about adapting to change. I have some more adventures planned- like my first group bike ride- but most of this year still can't be planned.

Today, another curveball: mom's house sold. Which means I will be moving again in about six weeks. To where, I don't know yet. For my sanity, I hope to know that sooner than later. 

So, today, I bought the damn planner. There is so much I cannot control this year, but once the damn planner arrives, I can at least make life look prettier with strips of washi tape and colorful sharpies.

Confess: how are your goals coming from the beginning of the year?

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  1. Gah!

    I'm not sure I really had goals - I was almost so scared of failure that I wouldn't declare them. However, I had so hoped to PR the half this spring and no dice. I am working hard, though, and have worked hard to get there. Sometimes the journey is better than the finish.


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