Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Move nourish believe challenge- week 2 recap.

Despite what you will read, I Am enjoying this Move Nourish Believe challenge. But this week proved to be more of a challenge than last.....

Week two started off with a day I wasn't excited about: meatless Monday.

Those of you who've followed along for the last year might remember the failed vegetarian week last year. The Husbeast and I made it four days without meat before we both felt too lethargic to continue. We also both struggled to feel satisfied after meals. It was the same feeling I get if I only eat a small bowl of cereal- hunger returned less than an hour after every meal. It didn't matter how many beans, whole grains, or other filling foods there were; without meat, my body wasn't happen, and it let me know.

But, I made it through a single day. Breakfast was a coffee cake muffin (and was fully consumed before I was awake enough to photograph it), while for lunch I made broccoli patties (they're basically broccoli and cheese held together with breadcrumb and egg) and had mac'n'cheese win ketchup. Yes, ketchup. Don't knock it until you try it.

Dinner was a repeat- except I had two patties instead of one. I've found that if I want to make sure I eat well and eat healthy on the days I work, the easiest thing to do is to cook a good meal for lunch and eat leftovers for dinner.

I survived Day 6.

Day 7: take your lunch to work!

Wait a sec... I only teach two classes... And they're MF, not on Tuesday, and not requiring lunch... So, how about what I pack for the husbeast?  That will have to do.
He eats well, thanks to what I pack (in this case, the rest of the broccoli patties, a hard boiled egg, an apple, string cheese, and celery). He's also very appreciative that I take the time to pack his food and that I pack healthy food for him.

Day 8: WIAW
If you've ever wondered what I eat, there it is in green and white.

Day 9: Smoothie day!
I actually ran to the grocery to get strawberries for this (a pint seems to gain weight as you run, FYI). Strawberries, orange, and pomegranate juice. YUM! But, given that it's winter, the cold smoothie wasn't as appealing as it would be in June. I ended up shivering for over an hour.

Day 10: raw
It's Valentine's Day. This just seems cruel. Instead of cooking lobster or bison or some other meaty treat like I have the past four years, I sit here eating salad. And I'm not exactly excited. Full disclosure, part of that is because we don't want lingering eau-de-lobster lingering in the house for the showing tonight. But if today's challenge was anything other than raw, I would have at least made heart-shaped bison burgers.

If I'm being honest, this week has not been my favorite. As with the smoothie, if it were June! it wouldn't be so bad. I often eat salad for meals in summer, and smoothies on a hot day are fabulous. I don't mind eating meatless when it happens, but having to intentionally avoid meat for a day makes me want to go on a bacon binge.

One more mote of honesty: as I've typed, I finished my salad. And I'm cold. So I'm going to go heat up some of the cooked asparagus from last night. Sorry not sorry. 

So, to sum up the Nourish week, I wish it were June. But being February and a colder-than-usual February, this week was difficult. I'm glad it's over. I'm looking forward to next week, though: BELIEVE!

Thanks, Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for another fun, if challenging for me, week!

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  1. Kasey, what a great week you had. Good job. I am going to re-cap after the weekend :) This challenge has been really fun


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