Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow miles

I set out today with the intention of running 3-4 miles.

But it was just so beautiful out there...

So I decided I'd run a little further down the trail. I had no fuel or water with me, but I felt fan-fricking-tastic, so I new I could make it at least 5 before I needed to be home.
So I ran a little further and then decided I'd go three miles out so the final total would be six.

 And then I could have turned for home, but, being Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to go for the "extra point" since I still felt  great.
By the time I got home, I had run 7.35 miles at an average 9:26 pace, which when factoring in the glare ice and hill for the first/last half mile, makes my day!

This was the best run I have had in a very long time. And going without fuel for that long is basically unheard of for my hypoglycemic self!

I'm starting to wonder if eating more protein throughout the day and cutting down on simple carbs at the same time might be helping my body relearn what to burn. I'm not a dr, but that's my suspicion. 

Do you have plans for the game tonight?
Not me- since I could barely run up the hill, I'm not driving anywhere. But I am making cupcakes to send with the Husbeast for all the guys who have to work!

Happy Sunday, everyone!!!

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