Thursday, February 20, 2014


The prospect of moving is getting closer and closer. If things go well, I could be moving in ten weeks... or less.

The tough part is that I will be moving at least twice before being reunited with my husband, and with most of my stuff. We are putting most things into storage until he's in UPT and we will be back in the same house. So, while I love with my mom for a while as the Husbeast goes through OTS, I wiping have much of my stuff.

In light of that, I've been trying to figure out the fewest necessities. So far, I know I have to have access to:

Running shoes and running clothes for all four seasons
Regular clothes, since much as I want, I can't live in gym wear.
A small selection of craft supplies
My computer, kindle, iPad.
And of course the usual toiletries.

I feel like I'm going to overlook things as I pack and sort, so before I get too far into it, tell me:
What could you not live without for a year?

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