Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympic challenge- are you game?

The Olympics start today! Even though he opening ceremony is tomorrow, and it sounds like Sochi won't be ready until May.... But whatever! The Olympics start today!!!!!

I propose a challenge. Pick 3 exercises, and label them Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Then, once a day, check the medal counts. However many of each medals the USA has earned- there's your number of reps (or sets!) for the day.

My choices:

GOLD: pull-ups
SILVER: 360 abs*
BRONZE: burpees

*360 abs explanation: place a towel or glider under your feet, and starting in a straight arm plank position, move your feet together in a circle like you are drawing a clock on the ground.

I went with some of my favorite most-hated exercises. The point is to challenge myself (and, let's be honest, make up for all the extra TV time that will happen!). I can only ever get 2 pull-ups in a row, so if the US does well, maybe I will improve, too.

So, are you in?

What's your favorite winter Olympic sport to watch? I would have to say hockey, ski aerials, snowboard half pipe, ice dancing, curling, basically ALL OF IT! 

If you could compete in any sport for fun, which would you choose? Luge! But I do think I could do well (for an amateur) at biathlon. I used to cross country ski as a kid, and I'm a damn good shot with every weapon I've held. I keep telling my husband that if we end up in Alaska, I'll have to try it out. :D

Go, team USA, go!

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