Friday, February 21, 2014

move nourish BELIEVE

Believe week- week three of the move nourish believe challenge put on by Lorna Jane and Fit Approach.

We started with pampering ourselves-

So I did a spa day at home. That's a gelatin face mask, friends. That sucker pulled out all sorts of nasty from my pores, and I can honestly say my skin still feels nicer four days later.

Meditate! I spent about ten minutes just being present. Sometimes, it is nice to just be. I struggle with an empty mind, but I have gotten better at slowing down and being present.

Then, showing off our happy place:
The same spot where I sat the day before, and the spot I am currently occupying. My spot on the couch. It's really just one of many happy places, but given the cold, gross weather we've had, it's the only one I wanted that day. A comfy couch with a quilt and an afghan, with easy reach to my current cross stitch project behind.

Next, gratitude.
I'm so grateful for my whole family, but especially this guy.

Which is why he was my shoutout the next day... Well, sort of-
See, my husband works nights, so he sleeps most of the day. Therefore, snapping a picture of him to post on Instagram and brag about how wonderful he is just didn't seem to justify waking him up. BUT Matty here is "his" dog, so the adoration and love from him is sort of an extension of my husband's love.


This week has been fun. Fulfilling. Gratifying. And other ifying things I cannot quite put in words. Perhaps we should all take more time to reflect on moving- being active in our favorite ways and trying new ones- reflect on nourishing- thing about your food, be mindful of what you consume, and find the fuel that works for YOU- and reflect on believing- believe in yourself, and show that girl some love, believe in your support system, and love them and remember they only believe in you because you gave them someone in which to believe.

Look at me, getting all deep. 

Thanks to Lorna Jane and Fit Approach for this MoveNourishBelieve challenge! It's been fun!

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  1. Somehow I have been missing all your posts! I started sweat pink too late for the challenge but it looked like a great one.


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