Friday, February 7, 2014

Move nourish believe challenge- week one recap

Fit Approach and Lorna Jane  are putting on a really fun challenge called move nourish believe based on Lorna Jane's philosophies.  
Day one was all about a favorite way to sweat... Which, for me, is running outside. I wish it were a little warmer, if I'm honest, but nothing beats running under an open sky.
Day two was trying something new- I did a HIIT circuit and was beat by the end! And the. Or an outside some more, and was exhausted.

Day three- planks! After three 1-minute planks inside, I took a break to go shovel the drive. The snow was stupid deep, so I needed a break from it. Snow planks! I did one 30 second single straight arm plank, then one regular straight arm plank for another minute. Trust me, if I had dropped to forearms, I would have been buried!
Later, I did more side planks just for fun. I probably planked at least 8 minutes by the end of the day.

Day four: workout with a buddy. Due to snow/cold, I was stuck at home, but that doesn't mean I was alone- Prudence loves to workout with me... Err, lick the sweat off my face while I workout. If you look closely, you can see Matty's paw by my head, too. He also likes to "help."
 Which brings us to today- 5 fitness favorites.
This winter, my favorites are getting me through with no excuses. Give me a treadmill, my skora shoes, a kettlebell, my trusty ten pound weights, and my sparkly headbands, and I can conquer the world, er, the workout. This is my home gym. This is everything I need. Simple and effective.

I've enjoyed his first week of the move nourish believe challenge. Next week, it's on to NOURISH. Starting with a vegetarian day. Uh-oh... :D 

Go check out Fit Approach and Lorna Jane  if you haven't yet.

Enjoy your weekend! Any big plans?
Not me- except for watching the Olympics!!!!!!!

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