Monday, February 14, 2011


So, for my 200th post, I have this to show you:

My shiner. That's right. I got a black eye. It's more of a mauve tone, if you ask me. Saturday night, I was putting Prudence's collar back on when Matt Lauer jumped between us in his 95 lbs of wiggling idiocy, and whacked my face with his skull.

Don't mind the weird expression. Cough syrup messes with my head.

I made Tim and I some bison burgers for Valentine's Day.
Yeah, I forgot to get buns... bread is bread is bread though. And they tasted AWESOME!

After lunch I drove up to see my momma, and took her a Kindle cover (that I just now realized I didn't take a picture of!!!). She absolutely loved it. So much so she took me to dinner AND bought me a bag of Riesen's (that were Gone by the time I got home!).

She's convinced I have pneumonia, though. That both Tim and I have pneumonia, to be honest. This "diagnosis" was made listening to him cough in the background for the last week, and spending three hours with me today. But, she is my mother, and I do have a propensity to get pneumonia (6 times? 7? Can't remember the official count). So if anyone would know just by listening to me breath and cough, it would be my mother. I promised her I'd get it checked out if the cough persists. I promise you, too, since there's at least 36 of you who find me amusing and might miss the adventures of Prudence and Matt.

So, there you have it. Post 200: I have a black eye and potential pneumonia. :)

Back to my hexagons!

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  1. Kasey,

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Tim! I hope you don't have pneumonia. That is no way to celebrate your 200th post! Congratulations.

    I love your hexie Kindle cover! You should open an Etsy shop and sell them.

    oxox - Joan - Caliquilter


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