Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A lesson in patience

Kindle Cover 2.0
I think this was worth messing up the first one.
I quilted the circles without tracing any templates. Call me a rebel. I didn't want to worry about washing out chalk. 
 18 hours. That's how long it took to hand-piece and hand-quilt this. I stitched the binding on with my machine to help keep the hexies from fraying or separating, but then stitched it down on the other side by hand. 
 It's it gorgeous?
Those 18 hours even include a minor detour to make a strawbeeroo (that's how I said strawberry when I was little) pincushion. Christie (of Describe Happy) had a link to a tutorial that i had bookmarked a while ago... kind of felt like a sign that it was time to make one. And it cam in handy while hand-piecing. Plus it's just so cute I could eat it. :D


  1. Both are really pretty. Good job!

  2. Your Kindle cover is wonderful. Love all of the bright hexies. Cute strawberry pincushion too!

  3. Gorgeous is definitely the word for the kindle cover. I don't know if it feels like the effort of making two ... but this one is wonderful. I also like the strawberroo ... and am off to follow the link to check out the tutorial.

  4. Awww, a Strawberroo!! It's darling! I really like the fabric combo you went with. And it totally looks good enough to eat -- whoo hooo!!

  5. I love your Kindle cover, it's amazing!


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