Thursday, February 17, 2011

Almost forgot!

Oh, no... I almost forgot my best friend's birthday is fast approaching! The month is going by so quickly, making the 24th fast approaching!!! Oddly enough, Jen, my bff, shares a birthday with our dog baby, Prudence.

Prudence is getting a new set of tugging rings. That's been decided for a while. But what to do for Jen????

She loves basically anything I make for her, so I was trying to come up with some fun beach accessories (that's how we became besties- driving 1.5 hours to go to the beach BETWEEN CLASSES during summer session in college... we would drive that long, be able to stay about 2 hours, then drive back for our night classes).

So far, I have one idea- a can coozie. I've made one before, and I think I remember where I put the pattern. But what else could I put with it? Hmmm....

Suggestions welcome!!!!

I'm home alone today while Tim meets with some well-known gun guys to customize a rifle and get one of his other guns built. If I get an idea, I have no excuse not to get Jen's present done!

1 comment:

  1. How about a coozie and a mug mat with a beach theme. Maybe a Flip flops pattern.


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