Sunday, February 6, 2011


The floor from the furniture store in town is so cool
and is why I had to make my hexagon pillow:
 I just need to decide on a border and sew that on, and then I can quilt it. Probably by hand, since at this point I have lost track of the hours in it, so why not make it a labor of love? I finished this yesterday, since I feel MUCH better. Not perfect, cough is lingering, but I'm one of those people who can be perfectly well but sound like death because of a cough that has camped out. In case you're wondering, over a gallon of hot tea over 12 hours is apparently my "cure". Final count: 2 green tea, 1 raspberry, 5 mint, and 1 honey chamomile.
 These are the "flowers" for my Kindle cover (since I know I am getting one!). I love traditional grandmother's flower gardens, but if you've learned anything about me it's that I don't make traditional. So, I chose colors that would be unexpected for flowers, and omitted the borders between them, and here ya go. The Hubs LOVES it. I guess that means it's possible to make a manly flower garden!!!
 Speaking of love, I made his laptop sleeve. A nice, manly green. It's lined with navy fleece and has batting, so it should hold up well. The buttons came from an old tim I've had since I was probably 9 or 10. One of my grandmothers gave them to me, and so far they've come in handy3 times in the last 3 months.
 We got a bunch more snow yesterday- 6" of it! That's more than we got during the "blizzard" since it came down mostly as ice last week. It created the urge to bake, though, hence the cupcakes. All from scratch yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. YUM!
This is what we saw driving yesterday. mind you, this is semi #2 of 3 that we saw in a ditch in a 2-mile span. I'm so glad we have a good truck with 4 wheel drive!

I only have one dilemma today: I need a new hand-stitching project!

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