Monday, February 28, 2011


My list of things to do was 96 miles long today!
No, really!

I had to drive up north to pay a bill (ok, could have mailed a check, but had to go within a mile of the place so I saved a stamp), and get all my jewelry checked to keep the warranty up to date, and get dog food with a $10 certificate I had earned from the pet store last time I was there, and best of all, SPEND A $10 GIFT CARD ON MYSELF at a quilt shop!!!! 
My spoils, meager as they may be, kept me smiling all day. A charm pack of Buttercup (total TREAT since I know the math works out wicked expensive) which took care of the entire GC, but then I also picked out one pretty fat quarter for a spring project to be determined, and then got a spool of Mettler thread on the recommendation of a very nice lady who was delighted to find such a "fresh faced hand piecer!"

I was looking for a thimble... I'm almost glad they didn't have one that fit my needs, since I was able to find such fun delights. It feels like my birthday! Well, technically, 27 years ago I was *made* around this time... :D

I also had a great visit with my Mom. Lunch at Olive Garden, then a bag of marshmallow hens and chicks Easter candy.... YUM. 

It's been a pretty darn good day... now, off to a new form of evening entertainment... it involves a hostess gift for my upcoming vacation... and sewing, of course.... 

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