Sunday, February 6, 2011


How about this super bowl?

My plan was to work on a different project while waiting for commercials, BUT I made a huge mistake with my previous hexagon piece for my Kindle cover. And I mean MAJOR. I got the whole thing finished, and then found I had failed to account for the extra thickness of the fleece lining (which is strange, since I did last night with Tim's laptop sleeve), which means my Kindle case ended up half an inch too small!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, cheese. I feel stupid. I hate to think how many hours of work I messed up. I can't even bear to post a picture. I just can't, not until I figure out how to repurpose it.

So, here I sit, basting more hexies for Kindle cover 2.0 (currently taking a mini break, though, to keep my fingers from getting too uncomfortable).

I'm kind of disappointed in the commercials so far. Only the Volkwagon one was really good- but I had already seen the leaked version (why do they do that?). Still cute and funny!!!

Sigh.... back to hexies...

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  1. I hated the halftime show and most of the commercials but I thought the game was great. I didn't have a strong alliance to either team so I just enjoyed the game. I'll trade commercials for a good game any time! We don't often get a really good Super Bowl match up. Last night was a fun one!


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