Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New ideas, new uses, same old hexagon obsession.

I've been doodling some ideas... mostly for hints of embroidery to work into quilt projects (remember I said I wanted more handwork? My brain is obliging!).

 This is one of the doodles. I'm one of the oddballs who like dandelions, mostly because they're so darn persistent! You can see I had to alter my drawing- I loved it, but the flower was too low for what I wanted, so snip, snip, tape, voila! Remember that book I want to make? This could end up as part of it... I have an idea forming, growing, percolating...
I bent the stem more once I started stitching.
 I traced it very  lightly with pencil onto white muslin and started stitching. I had to do something for about an hour while I waited for my Kindle to charge. It came today!!!
 And look at that fit! Thank you to my wonderful husband for indulging me this Valentine's Day with such an awesome present. I love it!
 I figured out what to do with the first attempt at a case for it, too- it will control power cords for my most used devices, making them much more portable. My phone charger, Kindle cord, and laptop cord all fit nicely in there.
And, finally, for anyone wondering what on earth I intend to do with all my hexagons, here's some hexie play for the day. I want to make a quilt out of them, something along the lines of a giant medallion. The focus will be more on value- light, medium, dark- rather than color. This is not a permanent formation since there's not enough contrast for my liking, but I'm working on it. I like knowing that this particular project has no deadline. Other than maybe our ten year anniversary, which gives me 8 years!!!

And as far as personal sickness, I refuse to get worse- another gallon of tea today, and the cough is waning. Let's hear it for hot tea! One more gallon tomorrow and I should be human again. I've got plenty of reading, so I think I can rest enough to satisfy even my mom's orders.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Let's keep this week rolling!


  1. Your dandelion is so fantastic. I don't know if you know.. but the dandelion is the flower of military brats (children with parents in the military)... I see you are a USAF wife!! My parents were in the Army. Something about how the flower can go anywhere and happily thrive. Looking forward to seeing more of your hand stitching!

  2. A fabric artist that I follow made an amazing dandelion bag. Her post about it is here http://harujiondesign.blogspot.com/2010/11/applique-tote-bag-new-dandelion.html You would love it! It was very clever, and at least at one point it was for sale in her etsy shop. (No...there's nothing in it for me...I just loved it thought you would too.)


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