Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It turned into sleet! Yuck!

"Blizzard warning waffles"
But the waffles we made for breakfast sure were good!

We had some pretty, fluffy, heavy snow earlier yesterday- I liked it. It really does look so pretty from inside! But then it turned into sleet, which iced over everything. I was very glad to hear our garage open last night and know Tim made it up the hill- he said even his truck had a hard time on the ice.

 I did get my Henrietta Whiskers block done- there are three square in a square blocks to attach to the left side, but they're done. I guess technically it's not "done" since I need black embroidery floss to do the eye, but seeing as I can't go anywhere in this icy mess, it's done for now.
I only made small progress on the hexagons. I got into the Biggest Loser last night, and did some ballet-type exercises during the show rather than just sitting on my butt the whole time. I had a hypothesis, and it seems to be true, that by strengthening my feet like when I was in ballet, I could get rid of the need for an arch support. So far, so good! Which means plies and releves will remain a habit from now on to keep my feet healthy and happy.

Happy groundhog day! No shadow here!


  1. Your Henrietta Squirrel block is adorable! And your hexagon quilt is going to be gorgeous!! Stay warm and now back to your ballet moves!

  2. Love your hexagons and it is going to be a great quilt.


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