Friday, February 4, 2011


When we bought our espresso machine a few weeks ago, and decided to get Netflix, Tim and I agreed that those two things would be our joint Valentine's present, thus eliminating any further gift-giving or worry about that silly holiday.

I was rather surprised last night when Tim announced that he knew what he was getting me for Valentine's Day!!!

Dang him, now I have to figure out a gift for him!!! Well, not really figure out, since I have an idea. He wants a laptop sleeve, and I just happen to have created a few in the past... so he's going to get a custom sleeve with fleece lining for an extra layer of protection (You all know how men handle fragile objects).

The only problem right now is my current case of what is hopefully just bronchitis. I had a sheet-changing fever last night, so I'm not sewing ANYTHING today for fear of stitching the germs right in. Nobody wants to be gifted germs!

Last night, I couldn't stay warm enough... but luckily we had two very willing volunteers for blanket duty. They stayed there through the whole of the movie The Ghost and the Darkness. We also watched Romancing the Stone. Which meant today we watched the sequel, The Jewel of The Nile. Tim offered to go get me anything I wanted from the grocery, too, but we already had my "sick" food- Lipton noodle soup. Plus, I've been drinking more tea than I usually have in a week (5 cups at this point- 1 green tea, the others all peppermint).

Soup's done, tea's waiting. Back to the couch I go. If hot liquids can cure me, I'll be well by morning.


  1. Be well quick. Glad you have warm company and a helping hand there with you.

  2. just for a wasw the capta security word for leaving my comment just now.
    See what you can do with that. LOL


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